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> The Biocel digestion plant in Lelystad, the Netherlands

One hundred percent digestion of organic waste using one unique procedure

Our Biocel plant in the Netherlands is unique. This plant can digest a huge variety of different types of organic waste without much preparation or final processing. This is achieved using a special, 'dry' anaerobic digestion facility that yields amazing results, not only for the environment.

This is how it works...

The volume and make-up of organic waste can vary during the course of the year with peak periods during the spring (garden waste) and the fall (leaves and clippings). The use of standard anaerobic digestion facilities causes a number of problems. However, our Biocel plant is problem-free: the organic waste is digested in a special air-tight reactor following minimal preparation work. The biomethane gas which is released during this process is used to generate energy and heat. After a few weeks the digestion process' by-product, the digestate, is removed from the reactor. This is then turned into high-quality compost in our composting tunnels.

The benefits of the Biocel digestion processdigestion

  • Suited extremely well for use with all types of organic waste regardless of composition (including diapers).
  • Management of contaminants is not a problem.
  • Feedstock preparation is limited or not required.
  • Processing stability is high.
  • The procedure's flexibility enables ‘peak shaving’.           
  • Hardly any waste water is left at the end of the process.
  • Processing organic waste is easilyy combined with tunnel composting.  
  • The facility is extremely energy efficient.

World-class technology that just keeps performing

Our Biocel digestion and composting facility in Lelystad isn't just extremely efficient; it has also run non-stop for nearly 20 years. There is a reason why our clients (a collaboration between the municipalities in Flevoland), have extended the contract for processing their organic waste in the province and we are meeting with many potential international customers who are interested in our technology.

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