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We do everything within our power to make sure we continue to lead the pack

We have an up-to-date ISO 9001 certified quality management system which allows us to manage and monitor our business processes. This system is primarily used to help us continuously and systematically improve our plants. And not without results: we are light years ahead of the competition when it comes to the environment, safety and product quality.

First class products

Thanks to the constant improvements of our business processes we are able to process waste even more efficiently. We are able to transform it into things like our unique bio-based end products (which we sell via Orgapower brand [link]). These products, which include replacements for artificial fertilizers, tree starters, lawn fertilizers and biostimulators, are high-quality and meet the highest safety standards. We have achieved these results thanks to ongoing continuous improvement of our processes. We know exactly which characteristics the products need (you will always receive an analysis certificate listing these characteristics upon request).

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