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Naturally, our waste processing is 100% sustainable

At Orgaworld we are responsible for the sustainable processing of all the waste we receive. Our acceptance procedure is strict, we perform a variety of internal analytical tests and checks and our plants and systems are regularly monitored by external auditors and government authorities. These external checks allow us to further demonstrate our commitment to health, safety and the environment.

Orgaworld is a shining example...

Organic waste is also used in a co-digestion process where both animal manure and organic waste is mixed and fermented. This is permitted for a limited number of substances but not for many others. This is one of the reasons why the acceptance and processing of organic waste needs to meet a number of stringent demands. However, there are sometimes problems in the co-digestion supply chain as shown by recent studies carried out by the police, the justice department and regulatory bodies. In many cases, we are asked for advice, setting us apart from other companies.

Collaborating with Shanks sister companies

We collaborate closely with our Shanks Group sister companies. Each company specializes in the collection and processing of waste. In some cases we also collaborate with recognized third parties who can add value to the provision of our services. This means we can deal with nearly all types of waste. Our starting point is always sustainable recycling which is geared towards reuse and smart solutions.

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