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Amsterdam: Greenmills anaerobic composting plant

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Corsicaweg 2
1044 AB Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0)20 48 02 070


We combine wet digestion technology with our biogas conversion technology to create electricity,heat and water purification using a biomembrane reactor at our Greenmills plant in Amsterdam. This allows us to facilitate smart synergies with the local heat network, the regional electricity grid and surrounding companies, such asSimadan and Cargill that are located next door - - who provide us with their waste via a pipeline, optimally recycling it at the Greenmills plant.

How it works

The unique and extremely efficient Orgaworld Greenmills plant was launched in 2010 and processes nearly 120,000 tons of unpackaged supermarket food and other organic waste - including 350,000 m3 of polluted waste water. The incoming organic waste is digested in large tanks. This releases biogas. The biogas is converted into steam, heat and green energy. These products are partially used by Greenmills and the rest is released to the power network. The residual product left over from the processes is transformed into high-quality fertilizer using our 'own' heat.

Set-up characteristics

Wet anaerobic digestion
Sediment drying facility
MBR aerobic + anaerobic water purification
Food and kitchen waste
Supermarket waste
Organic, polluted industrial waste water
Biogas conversion
Biogas buffer, 3 CHPs + 1 torch
Waste gas treatment
Air purification (+ stack)
Number of digestion reactors
Volume of Fermentation Reactors
75.000 ton a year
10.000 m3
Time spent in digestion reactors
28 days
Capacity for digestion
120.000 tons/year
Volume of water purification
7.000 m3
Time spent on water purification
7 days
Capacity of water purification
350.000 m3/year
Energy output
5.5 MW electric + 5.5 MW thermal
Product output
3.500 tons fertilizer
Size of location
1,5 ha
Construction year

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