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A great alternative: the creation of organic fertilizers from organic waste!

Phosphate is an essential nutrient for plants, animals and humans. However, the amount of this mineral in the soil is limited and it can only be mined in a few places across the world. This is why we started to look at ways to reclaim phosphates and other 'important' minerals from the waste we receive; and we have found one...

Organic fertilizers are the final product

After years of experimentation and investment we have created a unique recycling facility in Amsterdam where we retrieve important minerals from the waste we receive. These substances - which include phosphates, potassium and biological elements - form the basis for a new range of environmentally friendly products which have been created specifically for the agricultural sector. One of these products is a high-quality fertilizer that is superior to artificial fertilizers in every way.

A perfect replacement for artificial fertilizers

The category 3 processed and Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority validated NPK organic fertilizer is produced in our drying facility in Amsterdam. The product consists of extremely fine, 0-2 mm particles which is >65 % organic and has NPK values of 5, 4.5 and 1. These values are extremely high. This makes the product ideal for conversion into organic fertilizers.

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