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A unique collection system for products which have passed their sell-by date

We developed a new and unique supply chain solution for our client, Albert Heijn, in collaboration with our sister company, Icova/Icotech. An innovative logistics system allowing the client to collect packaged consumables which have passed their sell-by date efficiently and sustainably. These goods are then transported to our final processing facilities.

The benefits

This system is extremely beneficial for Albert Heijn, especially when compared to the previous use of compactors.

  • Efficiency has increased due to the fact that more packages can be transported to our client's 'goods' center.
  • The system has, taking future developments into account, a huge capacity for buffering which means it is available 24/7.
  • The number of trips to the final processing site have been cut in half. This results in a reduction in fuel consumption, a reduction in CO2 emissions and lower logistics costs.
  • The system is more user friendly for the operator and it’s safer too. Naturally, they all work within the boundaries set by health and safety regulations.
  • The system is robust, hygienic (fully sealed) and can easily be operated by the client.

The result

The system was developed to help increase efficiency, increase employee user friendliness and to lower supply chain costs. These goals were all achieved upon completion of the project. We formed a project team together with our client which included representatives from various disciplines (operations, technical, quality, health and safety and the environment). We presented a number of different designs once the team had created a client wish list. One of the designs was then built and tested in a working environment. A number of improvements were made following its launch and the system is now used in all four of Albert Heijn's product centers. The system functions to the client's full satisfaction.

At our own cost...

We invested a lot of resources in the development of this solution which in turn yielded a huge immediate logistics and sustainability benefits for our client. Another interesting facet of this collaboration was the fact that all parties within the 'value chain' were involved with the project and were extremely satisfied with the solution.

> The by-products are processed, extremely efficiently and sustainably, at Orgaworld's digestion plants in Lelystad.

> The green energy produced is returned to the client with its own green certificate.

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