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Phosphate-rich sediments sustainably filtered and processed

We've been collaborating with international dairy group Friesland Campina for over 10 years. For example, the decanter facility developed and financed by us helps filter the phosphate-rich sediment produced in the company's facility in Bedum. This filtrate is then transported to one of our plants where we convert it into compost. This means we reduce the work Friesland Campina has to perform as well as providing the company with a sustainable solution for their process sediment.

Huge benefits 

  • We are able to provide the company with a long-term solution for the sale of the sediment as Friesland Campina awarded us the tender based on a design-build-own-operate model. This type of collaboration also means the company knows exactly what to expect when it comes to maintenance costs.
  • Sediment from waste water processing facilities is sometimes delivered directly to agricultural businesses. However, this option is subject to a number of legal provisions and limitations. Combining filtration and composting at one location means we provide Friesland Campina with the knowledge that their filtrate is always sustainably processed and correctly dealt with.
  • Transportation costs are limited because treatment of the aqueous fraction takes place locally using Friesland Campina's own waste water purification systems. Lack of transportation requirements also results in a large reduction of the company's greenhouse gas emissions.
  • The filtrate is processed in a sustainable manner: the processed biomass is transformed into OrgaPower KeurCompost, which, once it has been applied onto the fields by farmers, introduces nutrients and humus safely back into the food chain. This closes the natural cycle.

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