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We know how to make the most of organic waste

Orgaworld is more than just a business that processes organic waste. At least that's what people who know it are saying... They believe our company is a global leader in its sector thanks to the use of techniques and solutions developed in house which allow us to efficiently transform waste into green energy and unique biobased products. We currently produce a wide range of special environmentally friendly products which we sell under the Orgapower brand. This includes: nutrient rich agricultural fertilizers, replacements for artificial fertilizers, tree starters, lawn fertilizers and bio-stimulators...

We design and build made-to-measure facilities 

It is our shared goal to make sure that your site yields great results, not only from an environmental perspective. We, unlike other suppliers, don't offer just one standard solution. We will create a tailor-made design featuring the ideal facility for your specific location and applications. We will apply the latest technologies, often developed by our own company and solutions which have proven their effectiveness when realizing our design. The result is a high-yielding and sustainable operating site which will allow you to optimally benefit from a multitude of available options.

We optimize and innovate to our heart's content...

We don't just design and build facilities, we also operate them. We do this so that we can 'make the most of the options available'. We take this both literally and figuratively. Operating the facilities we have built and developed leads to better results (not only environmentally), more practical experience, increased expertise, more efficient processes and development of new ideas. This is another reason why we are viewed as one of the most innovative and productive businesses in the field of waste management. This is how we set ourselves apart from 'regular' suppliers: we provide solutions that always operate most efficiently.


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