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Tailor-made to deal with (extreme) local conditions

All the municipal organic waste from Canada’s capital city, Ottawa, is processed at our local tunnel composting site. The facility has been designed and builtin partnership with local consultants and in such a way that it is earthquake-proof and resistant to all types of weather during both the summer and winter months.

All countries and locations are different

A standard solution just isn't an option when you want to design an optimally performing and sustainable facility. One of the reasons for this is that each country and location poses its own challenges when it comes to soil type, climate, legislation and composition of the waste to be processed. We perform a full analysis and carry out a full situational assessment in collaboration with local specialists. This enables us to properly respond to varying local factors and conditions and determine exactly what construction methods need to be implemented to achieve successful project completion. 

A unique facility...

Ottawa is located in an area which is subject to extremely cold winters. The area can also be susceptible to earthquakes. This is one of the reasons why the facility in Ottawadiffers to those of every other waste processing facility within the company: the facility is fully earthquake-proof and has been insulated to prevent pipes from freezing. Naturally, these weather conditions also have an effect on the composition of the waster we receive. We are able to process all kinds of organic waste.

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