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The ideal solution for companies that do not have the time to perform waste management

Together with our parent company Shanks, we are the only ones to provide a hassle free one-stop-shop service for waste processing in North America as part of the Shanks Total Care brand. Companies using this service don't have to worry about dealing with the removal and processing of their waste products. We will take care of everything: from transportation to processing and from cleaning to billing.

The benefits

It doesn't matter whether your company produces lots, a little or lots of different types of waste, the Shanks Total Care service may be of interest to your business. This may be for one of the following reasons:

  • You can focus on your core business.
  • Everything is organized by one contact at Shanks and you will receive just one, specified invoice.
  • All your waste management, from beginning to end, is handled by Shanks.
  • Allowing Shanks to take care of everything nearly always results in lower costs than when you divide the tasks amongst a number of different parties.
  • You can always login in real time to view a complete overview. This overview will provide you with insight into the progress made and the costs.

The result

You will profit, just like all of Shanks' other clients, from the available expertise within the Shanks Group.

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