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Our vision and strategy

We believe that waste is a raw material. This starting point is the reason why we exist and is expressed in our goal: 'Making More from Waste’.

Shanks' mission is: “We want to be the most respected 'waste-to-product' business out there". The basis for achieving this are our core values. These values determine what Shanks finds important and how we collaborate: Integrity, passion, responsibility, client oriented and teamwork are key factors.

Orgaworld's mission is a seamless fit: ‘It is our goal to provide clients with the means to create high-quality end products (raw materials or energy) from their organic waste and residues'.

We focus on the following markets: local municipal and provincial government, the agricultural/consumables market and the related industries. However, we also focus on the energy, raw materials and agricultural markets. We design, finance and build our own facilities and this allows us to set ourselves apart from our competitors.

Our strategy consists of four pillars:

  • We constantly improve existing services, production processes and products. We want to generate higher quality and more value via our existing activities so that our clients can benefit for the resulting advantages.
  • We use the proven knowledge we have gained as well as our experience in composting, digestion, water purification and other technologies for our operations in North America and Europe.
  • We are developing partnerships with large industries that are geared towards co-processing organic waste or residues. We are translating technological concepts which have been proven on a pilot level into demo/industrial trials and are integrating these, together with our partners, into the production process on site.
  • We are collaborating with industrial partners and knowledge facilities to create new high-quality products and processes in the field of biobased economy.

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