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Drachten: PACOM indoor field composting plant

Visit address

Stuurboord 11
9206 BK Drachten, The Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0)512 54 46 63


The PACOM facility in Drachten is a great example of our desire to continue to improve our processes and systems: this plant is able to process different types of organic waste, which contains a lot of leaf and yard waste, and convert it into high-quality compost which can be used for a variety of different agricultural purposes. The plant's initial capacity was 25,000 tons of organic waste per year. This was later expanded to be able to deal with a capacity of 75,000 tons of organic waste per year.

How it works

The organic waste delivered to the plant is mixed with a special composting material which results in an aerated mix. This mix is placed on the composting floors which marks the start of the composting process. Everything is screened and sorted 14 to 21 days later. The remaining compost is then stored and cured.

Set-up characteristics

PACOM indoor floor composting
Organic waste
Waste gas treatment
2 biofilters
Number of floors for composting
Days spent on the composting floors
14-21 days
75.000 tons per year
Compost output
40.000 tons per year
Size of location
2 ha
Construction year

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