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Everything we do, we do for increased sustainability

We process organic waste for households, retailers, agricultural businesses and industrial suppliers and convert it into green energy, compost and agricultural products. We don't just do this randomly either: we do it as sustainably as possible and it's not easy...

New bio-technologies

Orgaworld is constantly on the lookout for new opportunities when it comes to increasing the efficiency of our processing methods for organic waste. These opportunities are then translated into new and innovative products having a positive effect on the environment and the supply chain. We work closely with our clients, sister companies, academic institutes and non-governmental organizations in our quest to make this happen.

Our current research activities are currently geared towards the development of what are known as 'drop-in' molecules which can be used in the cleaning industry, chemical industry and fuel market. Our focus is on the integration of new separating technologies into existing production processes and the production of organic aromatic hydrocarbons that can be used by the chemical industry.

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