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We are as sustainable as we can be

This doesn't mean we don't have an impact on the environment. Nevertheless, we are one of the most 'green' recycling companies in the world. How can we achieve this? It's easy. We basically do things differently to our competitors: we set ourselves apart thanks to our comprehensive approach (we design, build and manage the facilities ourselves). This is one of the reasons why we lead the pack when it comes to environmental results.

Extremely good process management helps...

We keep a close eye on the environment, the surrounding area and the future in everything we do. This is the reason why our plants have been created as long-term investments and why we have ambitious programs to help us reduce CO2 emissions. However the biggest difference we can make is by looking at the best ways to optimize our processes. This is one of the reasons why our footprint is lower than that of comparable organizations.

We can recycle up to 96% of waste received

We are unable to currently upcycle just 4 percent of the waste we receive into usable products. However, the largest part of this 4 percent is processed into biomass plants or burnt using reclaimed energy. The rest, 96 percent, is converted into dark green energy and biobased soil enhancers: replacements for artificial fertilizers, tree starters, lawn fertilizers, biostimulators and special compost. This is our way of contributing to sustainable energy sources and healthy soil conditions - plus it also helps reduce the amount of artificial fertilizers used (and as a result less CO2 is emitted).

Partnerships make us even more sustainable

We use a CO2 achievements ladder and work closely with our sister companies: Shanks UK, Shanks Solid Waste Benelux and Shanks Hazardous Waste to help continue making our company even more sustainable. These companies, part of Shanks, also achieve a high recycling percentage and increasingly reduce their CO2 emissions.

Sustainability report or contact?

Would you like to know more about our sustainability performance? Please view the most recent Shanks sustainability report. Or contact us for additional information.

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