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Sustainable innovation put into practice

There are few other places in the world where organic waste is as well recycled as it is in the Netherlands. The government of this small and densely populated country, with its intensive farming and productive industry, obliged municipalities to start sorting its waste twenty years ago to reduce the impact of waste on the environment as much as possible. Orgaworld was one of the first private organizations to jump on board with its proprietary, unique approach; and not without success...

We are seen internationally as 'trend setters' 

We joined forces with Shanks, one of the world's largest specialists in waste sorting and processing in 2007 to pursue the objective of, expanding our organic waste management services world-wide. Thanks to the resulting opportunities, Orgaworld has been able to become one of the most versatile and innovative international processors of organic waste materials. Not only are we active in the Netherlands and Canada, thanks to Shanks, we also do business in England and Scotland. In addition to processing organic waste we now also process organic refuse from different types of industries (both at our processing sites and at their places of business).

The experience necessary to help you

We were one of the first businesses to start realizing and exploiting factories to recycle organic waste nearly twenty years ago. However, it wasn't all smooth sailing. We needed to learn how to respond to the constantly changing composition of waste, how to tap into the seasonal influences on processing and how to optimally integrate new technology into existing systems as service providers. Our experiences taught us what we and our clients need to focus on during the construction, realization and optimization of facilitys (we have realistic expectations when it comes to what a project can achieve).

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