We create and manage tailor-made plants and facilities

Orgaworld is the only business within its branch that focuses on all parts of the organic waste processing cycle: we develop, build and manage our own plants and facilities. This means we can constantly focus on improving our processes and we can use all
by-products productively.


We know how to make the most of organic waste 

At Orgaworld we can process the most complex organic waste in such a way that nearly nothing is wasted. We also achieve environmental results which other businesses can only dream of!


We supply only the greenest of products

We don't just make green energy from organic waste. We also create a wide range of unique, environmentally friendly and organic products like nutrient-rich soil particles, replacements for artificial fertilizers, lawn fertilizers and biostimulators.


Green energy

Bio fuels

Organic agricultural products

News Orgaworld

Orgaworld onderschrijft Manifest Organische stof
Shanks-bedrijf Orgaworld en 28 andere bedrijven vragen de overheid om aandacht voor organische stof.
D'66 bezoekt Orgaworld
Tweede Kamerlid Stientje van Veldhoven en wethouder Abdeluheb Choho van Amsterdam (beiden D66) kwamen op bezoek bij Orgaworld in Amsterdam.

News Shanks

Orgaworld ondertekent samenwerking verduurzaming Lelystad

Shanks-bedrijf Orgaworld gaat samenwerken met diverse andere partijen om het 'grand design' voor duurzame energie productie en infrastructuur in Lelystad te ontwikkelen.


Strong partnerships

We co-operate, among others, with...

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