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Our all for sustainable progress

Orgaworld is a versatile business which can really help you out when you're looking for a pragmatic company that knows how to process organic waste extremely efficiently and in a sustainable manner. We are able to do this since we take care of the whole process ourselves - this is also one of the reasons why we are one of the few companies experienced with both the development, construction and operation of processing facilitys for organic waste.

We are happy to share our knowledge and experience with you

Over the past ten years we have taken huge steps in the commissioning of large, but also smaller (but highly-effective) composting and digestion plants which we operate for both regional, local municipal and provincial governmentt as well as for industrial and commercial clients. The knowledge we have gained is something we are happy to share with any organization wishing to collaborate with us. Together we can create a society where our available natural resources are most efficiently recovered.

We can take care of everything, if that is what you're looking for...

Orgaworld processes organic waste for a number of different businesses and bodies. Waste is converted into green energy and other sustainable products. We can do the same for your company. We will use our own facilities to do this whenever possible and if desired. We are also happy to design a tailor-made facility for the processing of waste at your location if this is more desirable from an environmental or cost-effective perspective. In these cases we are also happy to help you design, build, operate and continuously improve your facility.

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