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Getting down to business and achieving a sustainable future

We approach things pragmatically and energetically at Orgaworld. This is why we achieve healthy growth year in, year out. We also attribute it to our unique and comprehensive approach. Our company is now one of the most innovative and versatile businesses in our branch. We definitely have something to offer you. At least if you are ready to get to work, are entrepreneurial and don't mind getting your hands dirty...

Plenty of room for personal growth and development

We are part of the Shanks Group, the largest stock-exchange listed recycling company in Europe. Nevertheless, as an independently operating unit within Shanks, we still have the freedom to do what we are good at: coming up with 'smart' solutions for managing organic waste and for the development, construction and operation of the necessary plants to do so. We do this for the public sector and private companies together with over eighty dedicated and motivated staff in Europe and North America. We use short lines of communication in an open and informal business culture where everyone has room to grow.

An exciting, dynamic and challenging working environment

We work closely with knowledge centers and clients. We are always on the lookout for new ways to process organic waste even more efficiently thereby converting it into valuable biobased products (like nutrient-rich fertilizers, replacements for artificial fertilizers, tree starters, lawn fertilizers etc.). The focus on innovation and optimization means we stay on top of societal changes. We are on the front line of environmental developments. You will enter a dynamic world of technology and progress if you start working for us!

Want to work at Orgaworld or want to know more about the options?

Please contact Lisette van de Sande, HR Advisor.

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