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We can purify even the most polluted water

We have access to two extremely advanced and incredibly effective water purification facilities in the Netherlands. This allows us to remove nearly all pollutants(we can even purify water withan extremely high fat content...).

In Amsterdam and Lelystad

Our water purification facility in Lelystad primarily processes water which is produced during the digestion process of the organic waste. At our Greenmills site in Amsterdam we process water coming from the digestion process and water from renowned businesses like Wild Juice, BioDiesel Amsterdam and Unilever. The combination of different types of water means we can efficiently and nearly completely purify the water (we purify nearly 350,000 m3 of waste water here every year).

The facilityies

Our purification facilities have been equipped with what is known as strip partitions and a Dissolved Air Flotation system. This pre-treates the waste water. This is followed by a two-step process where nitrogen and carbon are removed from the water using an organic process. The final step is separating the water using organic sediment membranes until it is ready for recycling.

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