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Extremely effective organic 'crop enhancers'

Orgapower Biostimulators are not just a unique product. They are also ideal for farmers who care about the environment and,quite literally, want to make the most of their land!

How it works

Orgapower Biostimulators [link] contain a high concentration of micro-organisms which are also found in soil. This includes fungi like the Trichoderma Harzianum T22 strain (the first strain recognized in the Netherlands as beneficial to plants and has been approved by the Board for the Authorisation of Plant Protection Products and Biocides. The symbiotic fungus-plant relationship which takes place when Orgaworld Biostimulators are added to the soil results in the creation of a web of hyphal threads around the root. This in turn improvesplant absorption of minerals and water which is of huge benefit. At the same time, harmful micro-organisms present in the soil have a reduced ability of developing, therebypreventing the rapid growth of plant diseases.

Important benefits

  • Orgapower Biostimulators create a better soil environment for the root mass, an active soil culture and boosts more effective water and manure levels
  • Orgapower Biostimulators promote root development.
  • Orgapower Biostimulators act as a preventative measure against all kinds of diseases which can affect plant roots.
  • Orgapower Biostimulators add a lot of organic nutrients to the soil. Plants grown on soil treated with an Orgapower Biostimulator have improved resistance.
  • This in turn improves quality of the harvested product.
  • The production process is fully organic.

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