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The added value of a great partnership

We process all organic waste produced in the province of Friesland and in the municipality of Noordenveld (Drenthe), and transform it into high-quality compost at our facility in Drachten (Friesland). This collaboration is extremely beneficial for our client: in addition to the high sustainability levels achieved by our composting facility there is also very little transportation involved between our centrally located facility and the municipalities. Furthermore, the facility is also well equipped to deal with the changing quality of the materials provided.

A full cycle...

Our site in Drachten has been operational since 1996. The facility offers closed-air composting which uses what is known as the PACOM system, where residues are aerated using suction aeration which transforms these residues into high-quality agricultural-grade compost and turf replacing substrate composts. This is added to soil mixes for trees or turf mixes, for example, which are then supplied to local agricultural businesses and the Veenbaas Potgrond BV company located nearby. This is how we ensure a full cycle.

Positive responses

We have received a lot of positive feedback from our partners in Friesland regarding our collaboration both directly and via our customer satisfaction survey. The municipality of Smallingerland has the following to say on its website: “We collect nearly 8,000 tons of organic waste per year. Orgaworld's composting facility in Drachten transforms it into great compost which is used to enrich land in local parks, sports facilities, gardens and farms. This means we can help facilitate the recycling of a large part of the household waste produced in our municipality”

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