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A sustainable partnership

The Dutch Simadan Groep focuses on waste management, food and feed, via its subsidiaries: Biodiesel Amsterdam, Noba, Rotie, Tank Cleaning Amsterdam and Tank Storage Amsterdam. We developed a new and unique facility for and in collaboration with these companies in 2008. This facility, 'Greenmills Amsterdam', allows us to process organic waste in an extraordinarily efficient manner through a symbiosis of beneficial parties: all waste from the Simandan rendering facility, bio-diesel facility and tank cleaning facilityies are transported to us directly so that we can purify and upcycle it into green energy and city heating for Amsterdam.

The benefits for the Simadan Groep

  • Optimal logistics possible via installation of a pipe line between the production sites keeps transportation costs minimal and limits fuel consumption.
  • Simadan is assured of the long-term and sustainable consumption of its waste by Orgaworld.
  • The long-term partnership is one of the reasons why both parties are motivated to continue to strive to improve our respective supply chains and their various components.


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Collaboration with Biodiesel Amsterdam


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