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A sustainable partnership

One of Ahold's assets, Albert Heijn, has been collaborating with us for over 10 years. They do everything within their power to ensure that food products – such as dairy products, meat and other perishables - are not removed from the shelves until the sell-by date. However in some cases products do pass their sell-by date. These products are then sent back to an AH distribution center where they are collected in a container which has been specially developed [link Smart Solution - Kip trailer]. Once full, the container is transported to and fermented at the (unique!) Orgaworld Greenmills processing facility [link Greenmills]. It is our combined goal to continue to optimize this supply chain and to focus on things like food safety, sustainability and supply chain management.

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The benefits for Albert Heijn

  • The system has resulted in increased efficiency at the distribution centers and has resulted in increased work satisfaction due to the system used (compactor).
  • Optimal logistics between Albert Heijn's distribution centers and Orgaworld's processing facilities has resulted in lower transportation costs and reduced fuel consumption.
  • By ongoing supervision the supply chain is constantly managed which results in continuous transparency. Working with and processing food products requires certain knowledge levels when it comes to legislation and the practice of the applicable rules.
  • The raw materials supply chain is kept as closed as possible through the sustainable processing of waste using digestion to produce green energy, heat and organic fertilizers.
  • Albert Heijn has received green energy certificates as a result of the 'home-grown' power generated. This allows the company to contribute to its goal of achieving 20% sustainable power consumption by 2020.
  • Innovation has led to improvements in the final processing of waste. We are collaborating with Albert Heijn in a search to find even better ways of processing waste [link to ‘more about our company, Innovative projects].
  • The long-term partnership is one of the reasons why both parties are motivated to continue to strive to improve the supply chain and its various components.


Mechanical unwrapping/grinding discarded food products

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