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A sustainable collaboration

Unilever wants to reduce the amount of organic waste produced by its offices, distribution centers and factories to a minimum (zero waste policy). The company was looking for the most sustainable solution available for processing the waste which remained. This is the reason why the company entered into a partnership with Shanks, Orgaworld's parent company, in the Benelux in 2011. This means we process all remaining organic waste – such as packaged items that have passed their sell-by date from distribution centers and offcuts from factories - for Unilever at the Orgaworld Greenmills-complex in Amsterdam. It is our combined goal to continue to optimize the supply chain and to focus on things like food safety, sustainability and supply chain management.

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The benefit's for Unilever

  • Shanks and Orgaworld provide Unilever with one point of contact within the supply chain. As managers of the supply chain, we ensure that the services provided at the various sites and for the various types of wastes run smoothly.
  • Working with and processing food products requires specific knowledge when it comes to the legislation and its application in practice. The partnership means there is mutual supervision and management of the supply chain. This results in continuous transparency.
  • The raw materials supply chain is kept as closed as possible through the sustainable processing of waste using digestion to produce green energy, heat and organic fertilizers.
  • Innovation has led to improvements in the final processing of waste (biobased economy).
  • This long-term partnership is one of the reasons why both parties are motivated to continue to strive to improve the supply chain and its various components. Orgaworld is, in close collaboration with Unilever, always on the lookout for new opportunities that will lower the overall management costs and andincrease sustainability. This is achieved via improvement projects.


Mechanical unwrapping/grinding discarded food products

Production (digestion) of sustainable electricity, heat and fertilizers


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