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London (Ontario, Canada): (tunnel) composting plant


4675 Wellington Rd.
London, Ontario
Canada - N6E 3W7


This composting facility, is located in the province of Ontario, was our first plant in Canada. It is located between Toronto and Windsor and includes technology designed to process organic waste containing little to no garden waste. The local authorities, in close collaboration with us, launched an organic waste collection program which primarily consists of kitchen waste and diapers. This waste is collected in plastic bags.

How it works

The separated organic waste from St. Thomas, Toronto and York is processed in our tunnel composting plant in London. Once the plastic bags arrive at our site they are opened using a shredder/bag ripper. The organic waste is then mixed with an innoculum. This mix is then composted in special composting tunnels over the course of 7 to 10 days. The odour abatement system used at this facility has been specially designed to process organic waste in plastic bags with little to no carbon source.

Extremely low odor and particle emissions

We keep our plant under negative air pressure so that we can limit the emission of odors and particles. We also pass air through dual ammonia scrubbers, an air cooling heat exchanger system, a bioscrubber and biofilters so that odor components are removed (before the air is released into the atmosphere via a special stack with ambient air dilution. Please note: the odor emissions were reduced to less than 0.1 odor units at the nearest sensitive receptor at the end of 2013!

Set-up characteristics

Set-up characteristics

Tunnel composting
Organic waste (in plastic bags)
Waste gas treatment
Ammonia washer + Cooler + Air purification system + Biofilter (+ stack)
Number of composting tunnels
Days stored in the composting tunnels
7 – 10 days
125.000 tons per year
Permitted capacity
150.000 tons per year
Compost output
35.000 tons per year
Size of location
5 ha
Construction year

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