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We actually create ‘dark’ green energy

We know we don't have to tell you what green energy is, and producing green energy isn't unique, however, our methods are! Orgaworld does this more efficiently than anyone else. One of the reasons is our continuous improvement efforts tooptimize both our production and business processes.

Dark green energy certificates

We will provide green energy certificates as proof that the energy you purchase is extremely sustainable when you supply us with biomass (as we process your waste extremely efficiently). Are you purchasing your green certificates individually from energy companies? If you are it probably means that these certificates are not for energy created in the Netherlands. Instead, they are a mix of solar, wind and water power (sources which are debatable...). Our guarantees about the origin of the energy created provides you with the knowledge that we have sustainability converted your waste into 'dark green' energy!

The benefits of security…

Have you decided to use us to deal with your waste? Rest assured in the knowledge that your energy purchase is based on Dutch certificates from a local and reliable business.

Good to know

  • The certificates: Provenance guarantee biomass fermentation (1MWh GVO CertiQ)
  • Production sites: Orgaworld Amsterdam and Orgaworld Lelystad
  • Orgaworld has its own CertiQ account
  • Marketing and communication can both be tailor-made
  • Costs in consultation

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