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The sustainable recycling of highly contaminated organic waste

We have access to one of the best-performing facilities in the world for the processing of mixed organic waste in the middle of the Netherlands near Lelystad. This facility is known as ZAW. This facility combines aerobic tunnel composting with indoor floor composting and is able to process a mix of organic waste, organic processing waste and sediments with, for example, paper and plastic diapers without a problem.

A unique composting process

The organic waste arriving at the ZAW composting facility requires hardly any preparation. The different types of waste are mixed with a special inoculum. It is then ready to go into the composting tunnel. This is where the aerobic composting process takes place. This process can take anywhere between 5 and 10 days. However, the waste provided can also be composted using our indoor aerated floors. This process takes a little longer (between 10 and 20 days). In both cases the compost needs to ‘cure’ once it has been removed from the facility before it is ready to be sold to customers in the field of agriculture.

Extremely low odor and particle emissions

One of the things that makes our ZAW location unique is the fact that there are hardly any odors released. This has been achieved by making sure that the building and the facility is constantly under negative pressure preventing the emission of odor and particles into the surrounding area. Part of the air is used for the floor composting process and some of it is used as process air in the composting tunnel. The air is then passed through an air purification system and a biofilter to remove odors before they are emitted via a stack.

Exceedingly good results

We have increased the annual processing capacity of the ZAW composting facility from 65,000 to 110,000 tons per year over the course of the past 15 years without having to invest extra capital funds!

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