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Ideal for cities who wish to separate and collect organic waste

Lots of large cities do not separate and collect organic waste because it is hard for inhabitants to properly deal with wet kitchen waste and sticky food remnants. However, there is a way in which cities can still collect organic waste. And Orgaworld has the solution!

Great results from every angle

People living in Toronto and York, in Canada, have been separating and presenting their organic waste in plastic bags since 2007. The results have been amazing: more and more people are getting involved and the percentage of waste recycled has been steadily increasing: we currently transform nearly 120,000 tons of organic waste into high-quality compost using our tunnel composting facility in Ontario!

We can also recycle diapers

The organic waste in diapers can be recycled into high-quality compost thanks to a special procedure which has been developed by Orgaworld. This procedure uses a bag-opener to prepare this kind of waste. The remaining plastic is then recycled or used as secondary fuel during the production of things like cement.

The benefits

Orgaworld’s tunnel composting process is a world-class technology, which has proved itself and which offers numerous benefits.

  • The supply of organic waste in plastic bags in large cities and heavily populated areas is now (finally) an option.
  • The percentage of people recycling is also a lot higher.
  • Including diapers in your organic waste is also not a problem.
  • The end result is high-quality compost and a plastic portion which can easily be further recycled.
  • Odor issues are also prevented.

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