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We can easily separate packaged products

More and more food is being packaged. This can help maintain freshness, guarantee food safety and allow companies to make smaller portions available. However the increase in packaging also has a number of disadvantages. This is especially the case when products pass their sell-by date and are delivered to the waste processing facility. In these cases, the packaging needs to be removed from the product. Orgaworld knows just how to do this...

Extremely efficient depackaging

Thanks in part to our special 'depackaging line', which can remove packaging from products, we can convert food which is no longer suitable for human consumption into green energy using an extremely sustainable digestion process. The removed packaging is then converted into secondary fuel which means we are much less reliant on fossil fuels. Also look here.

The benefits

Digesting organic waste has a high energy and sustainability yield plus the costs for having products which have passed their sale-by date processed by Orgaworld are substantially lower than what you would pay if you were burning these items. As an added bonus you can also request a green energy certificate from us for the tons of products, which have passed their sell-by date, which we have digested for you.

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